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We are Polish company engaged in the manufacture of spice blends and functional additives for the meat industry.

On the market we exist since 1997. We are developing dynamically, constantly widening our offer. Our customers we offer a wide range of products, which are based on high quality raw materials, furthermore it?s provide preserve the quality and repeatability of production. To conclude, we have the technological expertise and we are ready to adapt to the requirements of each individual customer.

Quality Policy

The primary objective of the Institute is to meet the needs and expectations of consumers in terms of product quality and safety , ensuring high standards of hygiene and sanitary production. Achieving the objective pursued , adapting to legal requirements , and the International Food Standard IFS is possible due to the orientation of the following activities:

  • continuous improvement of quality and ensure the health safety of our products , the legality of processes and specifications,
  • the maintenance of existing and new clients , meeting their expectations,
  • improvement of skills and qualification of employees to raise ethics and accountability of staff,
  • ensuring appropriate working conditions,
  • attention to environmental protection

These assumptions and commitments , we are able to implement thanks to the support and involvement of top plant management which provides the necessary resources for this purpose.

IFS Food CertificateThe International Food Standard IFS

Since 2011 he has been implemented and has been certified integrated Quality Management System and health safety of food in accordance with the requirements of the International Food Standard IFS.


Meeting the needs and expectations of the consumer in terms of quality and safety of products and to ensure high standards of hygiene and sanitary conditions of production is the overriding objective of the company "DARPOL". Thanks to the implemented IFS systems achieve the highest quality standards applied at each stage of the production cycle.

Nowadays, the price slowly ceases to be a factor in decision-making regarding the purchase of the product. Currently, this quality is a determinant of interest by consumers. By investing in quality, we invest also in the development of our product range. We make every effort to ensure that our products comply with the declared parameters, the requirements of customers and law. Above all, supervised by highly qualified personnel, ranging from production workers by technicians, technologists, clerical, and ending with the owner of the company.

We have a range of fully differentiated so that each potential customer into a product which satisfies your need. We are ready to adapt to the requirements of each individual customer.

"DARPOL" Dariusz Chodanienok
ul. Jasna 2A, 64-810 Kaczory



Assistant of the Owner

Barbara Maślanka

Phone icon 606 773 405

Phone icon 67 283 14 53

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Customer service:

Head of Sales and Purchase:

Kinga Chodanienok

Phone icon 726 825 731

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Specialist of Sales and Purchase:

Anna Grabowska

Phone icon 660 771 591

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Commercial manager

Sławomir Ścigocki

Phone icon 600 964 613

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Stefan Mnichowski

Phone icon 666 022 239

Mail icon 


Piotr Staszak

Phone icon 602 515 235

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Mariusz Pająk

Phone icon 666 022 246

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Sławomir Szafrański

Phone icon 735 981 521

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Department of quality:

A proxy for the quality management

Dominik Szopiński

Phone icon 600 696 198

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Technical department:

Head of the Technical Department

Marcin Grabowski

Phone icon 606 773 402

Phone icon 67 283 14 57

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