Mieszanki przypraw do wędzonek

Seasoning mixes for the production of smoked

This group covers a wide range of complete products from the PEKLOMAS PM - to prepare injection brines with different levels of injection intended for the production of smoked meats. Mixes are adapted to individual customer requirements for the aromatase, composition, performance or brine production technology.

These products are created based on production tests and research center in the capital of the application.

Mieszanki przypraw do wędzonek

Functional mix to block products and sausage

Category of functional products based on phosphorus, proteins and hydrocolloids series PEKLOMAS PZ - to prepare pickling brines to produce blocks and sausages in the full range of production capacities. Mixes are created in versions of neutral taste and flavors with spices and meat.

Mieszanki przypraw do wędzonek

A mixture of phosphate. 

Group blends with a series of PEKLOMAS C - based on functional activity of additives other than phosphates , intended for the production of smoked meats and sausages traditional and noble with lower capacities and at the same time the desired mouthfeel and taste by modern consumers.

Mieszanki fosforowe do kutrowania

Phosphates mix for mincing

Classic preparations with a series of KUTROMIX - ... to support the process of mincing the meat production homogenized and pates . They ensure correct process parameters chopping , stuffing and stabilize its color and durability of finished products.

Mieszanki przyprawowe i aromaty

Seasoning mixes and aromas

The largest group of products designed for all categories of meat products (smoked , blocks, sausages, offal).

This includes both pure seasoning mixes and flavors as well as with functional additives . At the customer's request blends are produced without MSG or its alternatives and without any E. Some of the products is performed exclusively customers in more strictly technological.



The new category of products made from the highest quality spices and flavorings, and special quality vegetable oil without the addition of preservatives. Perfectly fitting into the meat during storage and barbecue. They guarantee the quality of the original flavors and grilled meats.

We have following marinade in our offer:

  • mediterranean
  • asian
  • mustard-honey
  • gyros
  • mustard
  • oriantal
  • turkish
  • marinade with juniper
  • indian
  • kebab

Mięso na ruszcie

Mixes to culinary meat and delicatessen

Specialized injections mixture for the production of meat cooking , improving and modifying the characteristics of fresh meat cooking.

Preparaty karagenowe i fosforanowe

Preparations carageenan and phosphate

Ready-mix the various fractions of phosphorus compounds for specific technological applications in the meat industry . In this group there are also a mixture of carrageenan and other hydrocolloids prepared for specific technological applications.

Środki pomocnicze do produkcji

Additives for production

Category variety of functional formulations intended, among others, to maintain the freshness of the products, stability of color, texture and other distinctive technology in meat products.

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